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Hey Jude
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吉它曲谱 Hey Jude 歌手/乐队:The Beatles
F      C7     Bb     F7     F/A    Gm     F6     C/E    Eb
1      0      1      1      1      3      1      0      3
1      1      3      1      1      3      3      1      4
2      3      3      2      2      3      2      0      3
3      2      3      1      3      5      3      2      5
#      3      1      #      0      #      #      #      6
#      #      #      #      #      #      #      #      #

       F                 C
(1)hey jude dont make it bad
(2)hey jude dont be afraid
(3)hey jude dont let me down

       C7                   F
take a sad song and make it better
you were made to go out and get her
you have found her now go and get her

   Bb                           F
remember to let her into your heart
the minute you let her under you skin
remember to let her into your heart

             C7               F
then you can start to make it better
then you begin to make it better
then you can start to make it better

(1)and anytime you feel the pain
(2)so let it out and let it in

   Bb     Bb/A    Gm         Gm7         C7              F
(1)hey jude refrain dont carry the world upon your shoulders
(2)hey jude begin youre waiting for some  one to perform with

(1)for well you know that its a fool
(2)and dont you know that its just you

   Bb      Bb/A       Gm      Gm7         C7                F
(1)who plays it cool  by mak  ing his world a little     colder
(2)hey jude  youll do the movement you need is on your shoulder

         F7    C7
na na na na na na na na


F        Eb          Bb               F            
na na na na na na na na na na na hey jude

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