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Country House
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吉他谱歌曲名:Country House 

Standard Tuning: E A D G B E

D5: x577xx
D5/C#: x477xx
C#5: x466xx
E7: xx2434

Intro: A E Bm Bm D5 D5/C# C#5 C#5

Verse 1:

A                 E       
City dweller, successful feller
Thought himsefl, "Oops, ive got a lot of money
D5           D5/C#            C#5        A      
Caught in a rat race terminally, im a professional cynic
       E                    Bm
But my hearts not in it, im paying the price of living life at the limit
D5               D5/C#            C#5
Caught up in the century’s anxiety"
Yes, it preys on him, hes getting thin.


        A                                        E7      Eb7 D7
Now he lives in a house, a very big house in the country
Watching afternoon repeats and the food that he eats in the country
                                                                  E7      Eb7 D7
He takes all manner of pills and piles up analyst’s bills in the country
Ooh, its like an Animal farm, lots of rural charm in the country.

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